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First Look Asset Management LLC is a multi-strategy asset management firm expressly structured to generate alpha regardless of market direction.

We are principally focused on investments connected to the broader cannabis and industrial hemp opportunity set globally, specifically as those opportunities integrate with traditional real estate, private credit, and private equity investments. Our investment strategy is focused on non-correlated assets and encompasses the entire cannabis and industrial hemp ecosystems of what we believe are burgeoning asset classes. Our investors benefit from these ecosystems’ explosive growth by leveraging our combination of our comprehensive alternative asset-management experience, and our deep industry knowledge, relationships and access.

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The First Look team is growing. We value an enthusiasm and vision for building and creating, and a spirit of intellectual honesty and teamwork without ego.

Talented individuals with a passion for the cannabis and industrial hemp related investments and investing in their global opportunity set may send a writeup with their perspective on the space and resume to:


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